Active Fuel

Electric Fuel Activator

Active Fuel
Was designed and developed by an international engineering company specialized in the field of internal combustion engines. The device activates the fuel in the diesel     internal combustion engines and leads to
Reduced fuel consumption
Improved engine performance
Increases its power
Extended service life and significantly
Improves the environmental performance of the exhaust gases.


Achieved Results



  • Reduces black carbons in the exhaust gas – up to 55%

  • Reduction of air pollution:
    – NOx with 15,5%
    – CO2 with 25,4%
    – SO2 with 44,4%
    – PM with 55,2%


  • Reduction of fuel consumption Between 9% and 16% depending on the quality of the fuel (the worse the indicators, the better the results)
  • Provides sustainable work with low-quality fuel


  • Improves engine power up to 15%

  • Increases dynamics up to 9%

How It Works

  • The energy of the molecules increases, which helps them to burn faster in the cylinders.
  • Activates fuel in the fuel system of internal combustion engines by monitoring the flow rate, temperature and other essential fuel characteristic data and changes the reactor parameters dynamically to achieve optimal ionization.
  • Changes the reactor parameters dynamically to achieve optimal ionization.
  • Thanks to the activation, 100% of the fuel molecules are processed, which greatly improves and accelerates the combustion process.
  • Reduces soot particles in the exhaust gas of diesel.




EFA meets international requirements under ISO 16750, sustainable e on electromagnetic, climatic and vibrational effects. It is an electrical fuel processing device that prepares (activates) the fuel for more efficient combustion
in the engine.

ACTIVE FUEL® is equipped with fittings for connection with the fuel line that leads to the engine and low voltage power cables. In the housing has mounting holes for fixing in the engine compartment. On the hull are LED indicators that provide information for the normal
operation of the device.


  • Dimensions: 180/120/60 mm
  • Weight: 885 gr
  • Operating voltage – 10 to 32 V
  • Max current – 250-450 mA
  • Max power: 8 W
  • Max fuel pressure: 15 bar


For ships and larger engines an individual device is being developed.


ACTIVE FUEL® is developed for a wide range of diesel internal combustion engines for cars, trucks, construction equipment and machinery, agricultural machinery and equipment, locomotives, ships and other specialized transport equipment.
The device works efficiently on all types of vehicles, regardless of brand, model and engine.


Active Fuel LLC.

Munich, Germany

Ecomoto Engineering LTD.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Unidale AB

Norrköping, Sweden

Eqlim Danish Co.LTD.

Teheran, Iran


Belgrade, Serbia